Custom Synthesis Services at Iris Biotech

Custom Synthesis Services at Iris Biotech

Published on 20.04.2022

Iris Biotech is your trusted partner in the world of peptides and all related disciplines. Your project requires a compound not listed in our portfolio? Get in contact and inquire for a custom synthesis!

Despite offering more than 6.000 different products within our categories Amino Acids, Reagents, Resins, Building Blocks, Kits, Life Sciences, Drug Delivery and Linkerology®, your project might require

  • a de novo route development,
  • the synthesis of certain derivatives not listed in our catalogue,
  • an optimization or re-design of an existing synthetic route for increased efficiency,
  • or the upscaling towards larger scale production.

For those cases, our experienced scientists are excited to accept your synthetic challenge! Our specialties include the synthesis of unnatural amino acids, customized – either permanent or cleavable – linkers, PEGs of different lengths and with various functional groups as well as building blocks for nucleotides.

Whereas Iris Biotech’s company headquarters are located in Marktredwitz, our laboratories are situated in the Business and Industry Park Willstätt. In those facilities, we have all capabilities to bring your orders to fast and efficient completion using state-of-the-art reactors and analytical equipment for process control and the precise characterization of intermediates and end products.

Our services are based on High Quality, Transparency & Documentation, Trust, Honesty & Confidentiality, as well an extensive Know-How. All necessary data will be supplied to you, and all projects are handled under strict confidentiality and information security regulations.

Get in contact – together we will find a suitable solution to tackle your demands. Therefore, your request will undergo certain stages:

1) Detailed step-by-step analysis of chemical structure, stereochemical needs, purity requirements, and desired scale.

2) Process evaluation including a detailed literature review to collect and proof various synthetic possibilities.

3) Synthetic routes adapted to the synthetic scale are developed and tested (= strategy development) to find the most suitable approach for your custom synthesis.

4) Quality consistency – detailed product analysis for identity and purity confirmation, e.g. by NMR, MS, HPLC, melting point, appearance, residual solvent and water content, elemental analysis.


➔ Relying on those principles, Iris Biotech is your trusted partner for success - Send us your inquiry! 

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