Chemical name: Omniligase-1 from B. subtilis, research grade, including model peptides. // Synonyms: Kit containing 110µg of enzyme; sufficient for 150 reactions, or a total of 1g of peptide; including 50µL acyl donor (Ac-Asp-Phe-Ser-Lys-Leu-OCam-Leu-OH, 10 mM) and nucleophile (H-Ala-Leu-Arg-NH2, 15 mM) as model peptides for learning, how to work successfully with this technology.

Molecular weight:27394 Da
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Omniligase-1 is an new enzyme for efficiently coupling peptide fragments of various lengths together (fusion technology), in order to assemble long peptides. OMNI Kit contains sufficient enzyme for 150 reactions or a total of 1g of peptide. Additionally i t contains two model peptides to learn and train this application prior to testing it on your own sequence.

Omniligase-1 is patented technology by EnzyPep B.V. ( After purchase of OMNI Kit, its components may be used forresearch purposes only without any further payments of license fees, but may not be used for any other purpose, including - but not limited to - use in drugs, in vitro diagnostics purposes, ther apeutics or in humans.

EnzyPep products are available from Iris Biotech GmbH and may not be transferred to third parties, sold, resold, modified for resale, or used to manufacture commercial products or to provide a service to third parties without written approval of EnzyPep B.V. The use of Omniligase-1 to manufacture commercial products is only possible by license agreement with EnzyPep B.V.

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Improved solid phase synthesis of peptide carboxyamidomethyl (Cam) esters for enzymatic segment condensation; Timo Nuijens, Ana Toplak, Mathijs B.A.C. van de Meulenreek, Marcel Schmidt, Michel Goldbach, Peter J.L.M. Quaedflieg; Tet. Lett. 2016; 57(32): 3635-3638; DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2016.06.132.

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