About Us

Empowering Peptide Innovation

Founded in 2001, Iris Biotech provides scientists in both industry and academia with innovative and rare compounds, while also being your reliable partner for a comprehensive supply of standard consumables. Guided by our dedication to deliver competent service as well as the highest quality to our customers, our company’s focus remains Peptide Chemistry, while we also have strong expertise in Drug Delivery, Life Sciences, and Linkerology.

Due to the growing demand for tailor-made compounds and solutions, we further increased our Custom Synthesis capabilities in 2013. Our skilled scientists and technicians offer profound expertise in the custom manufacturing of both simple and complex molecules.


Empowering Peptide Innovation – this is our guiding principle.

Iris Biotech stands for innovation and know-how in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. With this guiding theme in mind, Iris Biotech attends various conferences, symposia and exhibitions each year, which allows us to remain in direct contact with scientists from academia and industry alike, in order to exchange knowledge, and to gather new ideas to tackle your current challenges.

Our mission as qualified supplier and competent consultant is to support our customers in their ongoing projects from research scale to commercial production.



On July 24th, 1788, the Chemical Factory Marktredwitz (CFM) was founded as the first chemical factory in Germany.

Around 100 years later, the Tropitzsch brothers acquired the company from the founder’s successors and intensified their research and development activities in the field of pesticides and other basic chemicals. Today, another 100 years later, the portfolio ranges from reagents for analytics, biotechnology, to specialties and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

To further strengthen its market position in the fields of peptide synthesis and life sciences, Iris Biotech was founded in 2001 and moved into its new company building in 2018.