13th Australian Peptide Conference

13th Australian Peptide Conference

Published on 18/07/2019

8 - 13 September 2019

Port Douglas, Queensland

The theme of the meeting is “Peptides - Turning the Tide”. The conference organising committee is currently assembling an exciting scientific program containing a mix of peptide synthesis and discovery, engineering, characterisation, structure-based drug design, therapeutics development and technological advances in the field.

Continuing our tradition of holding meetings in a relaxed seaside environment, Port Douglas is one of Australia’s most beautiful tropical locations, with easy access to beautiful beaches, coral reef, stunning National Parks, rainforests, rivers and home to exotic native animals.

Topics will include:
•Advances in peptide synthesis
•Bioactive peptides and cell signaling
•Cell membrane interactions and bioavailability
•Cell penetrating peptides
•Chemical biology
•Cyclic peptides
•Drug delivery
•Drug discovery and development
•GPCRs and structure-based drug design
•Imaging and analytical techniques
•Industry, regulation and commercialisation
•Peptide and protein engineering
•Peptide vaccines
•Peptides and peptidomimetic drugs
•Peptides in immunology
•Structure function studies and new targets

We are looking forward to meet you there.

Link: https://apc2019.org/