1. Amino-PEG-Acids

    PEGs are being used as spacers, as hydrophilic decoration, and building blocks. Read on for more detailed information about the reactivity of different PEG derivatives and how to use them.

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  2. Your Science – Our Products

    We are pleased to serve as your platform – either to highlight your science performed with our building blocks or to market innovative building blocks you are developing! Read on for more information!

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  3. Choose your Taste – Functionalized Halo/Snap/Clip Substrates

    The HaloTag®, SNAP-Tag® and CLIP-TagTM represent versatile tools for the specific, covalent attachment of in principle any molecule of choice to a protein of interest. Discover our substrates!

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  4. Temporary Activity Masking via Self-Immolative Linkage

    (Bi)functional dioxoborolane and disulfide-based self-immolative linkers – mode of action and application examples for the detection of H2O2, for prodrug design, and reversible peptide cyclization.

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  5. EFMC-YMCS 2022

    September 8th - 9th 2022

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  6. 13th World ADC San Diego

    September 6th - 9th 2022

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  7. EFMC-ISMC 2022

    September 4th - 8th 2022

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  8. 36th EPS & 12th IPS 2022

    August 28th - September 2nd 2022

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  9. IOPC

    June 27th - 29th 2022

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