Building Blocks for the SPPS of FRET-based fluorogenic protease substrates

Building Blocks for the SPPS of FRET-based fluorogenic protease substrates

Published on 30/08/2016

The classic FRET pair EDANS and DABCYL is now available linked to Fmoc amino acid building blocks that can be readily used in SPPS. Conveniently synthesize your own custom protease substrates!

Traditionally, fluorogenic protease substrates for the screening of protease activity are prepared by peptide synthesis and subsequent regioselective deprotection and functionalization with a fluorophore/quencher pair such as EDANS and DABSYL. For your convenience, we now offer a glutamate and a lysine building block functionalized with EDANS and DABSYL, respectively. Those building blocks are suitable for peptide synthesis using the Fmoc strategy and will allow you to prepare custom protease substrates without additional tedious and yield-reducing functionalization steps post-SPPS.

Screening of protease activity using FRET-based fluorogenic protease substrates

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