Impurities: Undesired, Unavoidable, Indispensable

Impurities: Undesired, Unavoidable, Indispensable

Published on 06/09/2022

No matter how much you hate them, in the pharmaceutical world you have to deal with them: Impurities. Iris Biotech can provide you with the molecules you require. Click here for more detailed information.

Impurities seem to accompany us chemists for life. Our parents hated them for sticking on our shirts when we came home from the playground. As students, we hated them when they soiled our syntheses. And later in industry they bring with them additional work, expenses, and headache.

As much as we wish for chemistry with 100% yield without side reactions, this has little to do with reality. Impurities will appear! Nevertheless, the first principle is: try to avoid them! If you're at a loss as to how to get there, ask Iris Biotech to optimize or completely re-route your synthesis. With decades of experience, our skilled chemists have many a solution in mind that you may not have come up with yourself.

However, in the end, some impurities will remain. They may be stereoisomers or constitutional isomers, deletions or duplications, oxidation products, or any other side product. They can result from your own performed reactions or from contaminations in starting materials. Whatever they are, authorities and/or customers will expect you to identify, synthesize, characterize, evaluate them.

This is how Iris Biotech can support you:

Identify the structure and/or origin of impurities.
Find strategies to avoid impurities.
Provide building blocks to synthesize impurities as reference.
Synthesize building blocks and impurities on a custom-synthesis basis.

Maybe, you can find some molecules for impurities already in our catalogue portfolio. For example, see below some building blocks to produce potential Liraglutide impurities.

If not, contact our customer service for the synthesis of building blocks or final impurities. No matter whether you need them in milligrams or in bulk scale: we can produce them for you and provide you with detailed product analysis, e.g. by NMR, MS, HPLC, melting point, appearance, residual solvent content, elemental analysis.




For more details to our synthesis capabilities, please follow this link or download our brochure “Custom Synthesis”.

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