Let’s Talk Iris

Let’s Talk Iris

Published on 20/01/2023

You want to get an overview about the different Click technologies as well as available derivatives and applications? Let’s arrange a (virtual) talk by Iris Biotech about your topic of choice – Contact us!

Get in contact and inquire for a (virtual) presentation by Iris Biotech about selected topics relevant for your research. We can set up one-to-one meetings or join you (virtually) during your group seminars.

Topics cover our whole portfolio, e.g.

  • An introduction to Peptide Synthesis via solid-phase peptide synthesis or ligation, typical hurdles and solutions, synthetic strategies, the modification of peptides, as well as available resins.

  • Drug Delivery and Polymer Therapeutics, basic principles and modes of action, advantages and drawbacks of poly(ethylene glycol)s vs. poly amino acids, copolymers, and polymer-lipid combinations.

  • Advanced Linker Technologies within our Linkerology® portfolio including permanent and cleavable (trigger-dependent) linkers, application fields, and conjugation possibilities.

  • Innovations which we recently included to our portfolio. Stay up to date about latest product additions and their applications.

Tell us about your interests and needs. We are pleased to get in contact and support you and your team and exchange about your current research topics and scientific interests!