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  1. Markers for the Quality of Food

    Maillard Reaction Products (MRPs) result from the reaction of Arg and Lys side chains with reducing carbohydrates. MRPs are valuable markers for food quality and are used in many different branches of industry such as food, pharma, cosmetics and biochemistry.

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  2. Fmoc-Phe-Aca: Fluorescent Internalization Reporter for Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPPs)

    The Fmoc-L-Phe-Aca pseudo-dipeptide is a useful reporter group for the successful internalization of CPPs. Phe quenches the fluorescence of Aca. Internalization of the peptide containing Phe-Aca leads to proteolytic cleavage of the Phe-Aca bond and thus to fluorescence.

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  3. New Statin Analogues: Super-Threonine Derivatives

    A set of new statin analogues, so called Super-Threonines, is available consisting of Fmoc protected L-enantiomers with all possible 4 stereoisomers of chiral centers in the side chain. They appear in nature as bridge building element in cyclodepsipeptides, like pipecolidepsin A, a compound which shows relevant cytotoxic activity in three human tumor cell lines (lung, colon, breast) and has unique structural features.

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  4. Luciferin for Research and Industry – from MG to KG Scale

    In modern biotechnology there are numerous applications for the luminogenic luciferase assay. We supply luciferin from mg scale for research applications like monitoring of gene expression or tumor growth up to kg quantities for hygiene surveillance in food industry

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  5. MiDye is YOUR Dye!

    Superior Performance at a Sensational Price!

    • Available as –COOH, -NHS, -Maleimide, -Alkyne, -Azide
    • Half the price of other well-known dyes like Alexa- & Cy-Dyes.
    • Available also in large quantities.
    • Broadly applied in cell imaging, FRET, fluorescence quenching.

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  6. Acyl-Carnitine

    Long-chain acylcarnitines are well-known intermediates in mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation

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  7. Coelenterazines – very versatile Luminophores

    A prominent luciferase group was first discovered in Coelenterata and the corresponding light emitting molecule was therefore named coelenterazine.

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  8. MiDye550-Alkyne

    Properties of the MiDye Chromophore System:

    • Readily applicable to biolabelling, Click 
      conjugation protocols and peptide synthesis
    • Stable under buffer conditions (pH 4-8) 
      and in solid phase peptide synthesis
    • Broadly applied in cell und animal 
      imaging, tested in FRET systems
    • Available in larger quantities compared 
      to e.g. Alexa, Cy-Dyes etc.
    • Purities > 85%, supplied as freeze-dried solid powder

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  9. Actiplus-CALB

    Lipase B from Candida antarctica (EC
    adsorbed on hydrophobic polymer Polystyrene DVB cross linked, 300-700µm,
    Synthetic Activity >10.000 U/g (dry), 
    very high mechanical stability - suitable for packed bed reactors

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  10. Understanding enzyme immobilisation

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