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  1. Photoaffinity Labeling by Diazirine Building Blocks

    Discover our diazirine-substituted building blocks suitable for the analysis of protein-protein and RNA-protein interactions via proximity labeling upon photoactivation. Read on for more information!

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  2. Functionalization of (Inert) Polymeric Surfaces

    Plasma technology allows to equip inert polymers such as poly(ethylene) or polystyrene with functional groups like amine or carboxylate enabling further conjugations and applications. Read on!

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  3. Workshop Innovations in Click Chemistry

    You missed our workshop featuring Prof. Rob Liskamp (Cristal Therapeutics, University of Maastricht, University of Glasgow)? Any further questions? Please get in contact via

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  4. Carbamidomethylated Cysteine as SPPS Building Block

    Our building block Fmoc-L-Cys(Cam)-OH enables peptides resembling reduced and carbamido-methylated protein fragments by standard SPPS without error-prone modification reactions.

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  5. PotM: Plant-Derived Cholesterol for LNP Drug Delivery

    Plant-derived Cholesterol of high and consistent product quality in accordance with Pharmacopoeia requirements to replace established animal source material in LNP formulation. Read on!

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  6. Fluorogenic Protease Substrates with Enhanced Signal-to-Noise-Ratio

    Shine bright like our fluorophores! Learn how our superior fluorogenic protease substrate peptides can enhance your test performance. Click here to gather more information and discover available products!

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  7. Conjugating Natural Products (2)

    Infinite like the deep sea – marine natural products are an infinite source of (bio)active compounds. In this series we present how natural products can be conjugated to empower their inherent potential.

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  8. CliCr® - a Reactive and Soluble Bioorthogonal Click Reagent

    Building blocks with a strained triple bond do not require copper catalysis when used in click chemistry. Discover CliCr®: improved solubility in aqueous conditions and high reactivity! Click here!

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  9. Fatty Di-Acids

    Peptide therapeutics – fewer injections/lower doses by prolonging their half-life via addition of a lipid modification that promotes binding to serum proteins such as albumin. Read on for recent innovations!

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  10. PotM: Limited Offer - Polysarcosine Bundles

    From beginning of May until end of July 2023 we offer special polysarcosine bundles each containing three functionalized PSars of different molecular weight (5 kDa, 10 kDa, 15 kDa), 100 mg each.

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