Product Focus: Arginine Derivatives

Product Focus: Arginine Derivatives

Published on 29/09/2020

Looking to optimize or functionalize your peptide? Explore our ever-growing selection of Arg derivatives and find the one suitable for your application.

Arginine is characterized by its amphiphilic side chain, with a C3 alkyl chain terminated by a positively charged guanidino group. Since the latter can undergo hydrogen bonding as well as ionic interactions with binding partners, Arginine residues are frequently involved in cellular recognition processes. Consequently, derivatives of Arginine are highly sought after, be it for the introduction of Arg-mimetics to improve pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutic peptides, or to introduce an Arg derivative suitable for site-selective modification.

Selection of derivatives of Arginine accessible through our synthetic approach.

Our arginine platform allows us to design derivatives bearing substitutions on one guanidino nitrogen based on virtually any commercially available amine. A process is available to provide Fmoc- and Pbf-protected derivatives, which can instantly be used in any Fmoc/tBu solid phase peptide synthesis protocol.

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