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  1. Glycosylated Asparagine Building Blocks for SPPS

    Add glycans to your proteins with our ready-to-use Fmoc asparagine building blocks suitable for solid phase peptide synthesis and produce peptides with exactly defined glycosylation patterns!

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  2. Peptide Nucleic Acids as Stable DNA and RNA Analogs

    One molecule, two identities: PNAs are composed of nucleobases arranged on a peptidic backbone. Discover our PNA building blocks as ready-to-use bases suitable for SPPS.

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  3. Selective Lysine Labeling with Squaric Acid

    Keeping control! PEGylating reagents with a squaric acid ethyl ester react chemoselectively with side chain amino functions of surface-accessible Lysines in proteins. Other functionalities are not affected.

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  4. Cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) Derivatives for “Click” Conjugation

    Discover the cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) click reaction, a not (yet) so well-known biocompatible and bio-orthogonal mechanism faster than the famous azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC).

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  5. Fluorogenic Protease Substrates with Enhanced Signal-to-Noise-Ratio

    Shine bright like our fluorophores! Learn how our superior fluorogenic protease substrate peptides can enhance your test performance. Click here to gather more information and discover available products!

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  6. CliCr® - a Reactive and Soluble Bioorthogonal Click Reagent

    Building blocks with a strained triple bond do not require copper catalysis when used in click chemistry. Discover CliCr®: improved solubility in aqueous conditions and high reactivity! Click here!

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  7. Fatty Di-Acids

    Peptide therapeutics – fewer injections/lower doses by prolonging their half-life via addition of a lipid modification that promotes binding to serum proteins such as albumin. Read on for recent innovations!

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  8. Non-canonical Tryptophan Derivatives

    Non-canonical Tryptophan analogs can help to improve your API’s performance in terms of potency, specificity, and stability. We offer various substituted Trp derivatives also available in small quantities for screening.

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  9. Maleimide Crosslinkers

    Maleimides provide versatile options for connecting payloads to proteins and other biomolecules. Discover how our bifunctional thiol reactive crosslinkers can support your project. Read on!

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  10. Amino-PEG-Acids

    PEGs are being used as spacers, as hydrophilic decoration, and building blocks. Read on for more detailed information about the reactivity of different PEG derivatives and how to use them.

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