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  1. Poly(L-Glutamic Acid)

    Poly-(α-L-glutamic acid) is a synthetic polypeptide of L-Glu linked by the alpha-amino groups (α-PGA). These polyanionic and biodegradable polymers can be used for a variety of purposes. read more
  2. Polylysines

    Polylysines are polymers of the canonical amino acid Lysine, and are characterized by their high charge density caused by the presence of one free amino group per lysine monomer.

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  3. Lysine Dendrons

    We now offer a series of Lysine dendrons for chemoselective functionalization of molecules containing carbonyl groups. These multivalent molecules carry diverse types of moieties, such as amine- or hydroxyl-groups, DOTA chelators or triphenylphosphonium (TPP) cations.

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  4. PEG-Conjugates of Folic Acid and Cholesterol

    Conjugates of PEG and folic acid or cholesterol, respectively, combine the positive properties of these molecules. Those conjugates are available with a wide variety of functional groups and different PEG chain lengths to suit your needs.

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  5. Photocleavable NCL-Auxiliary Glycine

    This innovative auxiliary facilitates Native Chemical Ligation at the position of a Glycine residue in a peptide sequence. The auxiliary can be further functionalized, e.g. by PEGylation. Following NCL, the auxiliary is removed by irradiation with UV light.

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  6. Omniligase-1 for Efficient Peptide Ligation

    Omniligase-1 enables efficient and racemization-free ligation of two side-chain unprotected peptide fragments at many different positions. Test this innovative enzyme developed by EnzyPep B.V. using the complementary model peptides included in our kit!

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  7. Msbh, a Safety Catch Cysteine Protecting Group for the Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides

    The regioselective formation of multiple disulfide bonds is often a synthetic challenge. We now offer an innovative safety-catch Cys protecting group that allows selective deprotection of the sulfhydryl group and is a valuable addition to the peptide chemist’s toolbox.

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  8. 3rd Generation Click Chemistry: Tetrazine and TCO Derivatives for Copper-free Conjugation

    The reaction between a tetrazine (Tz) and a trans-cyclooctene (TCO) is the innovative third generation Click reaction that proceeds without the use of copper or other catalyst. It is rapid, fully bioorthogonal and excels at very low concentrations.

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  9. Inexpensive & High Quality Guanylation Reagents

    We now offer N,N'-Bis-Boc-N"-triflylguanidine, at both a very competitive price and our habitual high quality. Find out about the usefulness of this and our other guanylation reagents!

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  10. New Substituted Ornithine Derivatives

    l-Ornithine derivative containing peptides play important roles in SAR studies, enzyme inhibition and cancer research. We now offer a variety of Nδ-substituted ornithines containing heterocyclic, aromatic and aliphatic groups, as well as N-substituted C3- and C4-analogs of ornithine.

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