Social Media Reloaded

Social Media Reloaded

Published on 16/07/2020

Empowering Peptide Innovation – now also via Twitter! Iris Biotech is excited to present news, our latest products and brochures, upcoming events and more. Follow us at @IrisBiotechGmbH and #Iris Biotech GmbH to stay tuned.

Iris Biotech is pleased to announce its registration at Twitter as an additional platform to Empower Peptide Innovation besides our Homepage and LinkedIn. Especially during the current circumstances of social distancing, we recognized the importance of virtual conversations to stay in contact with our customers as we are not able to visit them at their companies or get in touch at conferences. Therefore, we will use those channels to keep you updated about scientific but also soft topics related to Iris Biotech. Follow us to stay in contact – we are excited to get in touch with you!

Where/How to find us?!

 What can be discovered?!

  • Information about innovative products facilitating your research
  • Release of our latest brochures
  • Upcoming events, e.g. virtual conferences
  • Take part in surveys to contribute to the decision on newsletter topics etc.
  • Insights about Iris Biotech and its employees – Meet the team behind Iris Biotech

In addition to those platforms we started to use Microsoft Teams, to speak more personally to our clients for efficient support to fulfill your demands and needs. If you are interested to meet us, to talk about your ideas, challenges, or our new products, e.g. Belyntic’s PEC-Kit for chromatography-free peptide purification, please get in touch – we would be pleased to Team up!