Belyntic Peptide Purification Kit (8x25µmol)

Synonyms: Peptide Easy Clean

Product code:BYR0825
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The kit contains 8 fritted syringe reactors prefilled with activated filter material (PEC-Resin; suspended beads of an aldehyde-modified agarose; 50% suspension in 20% ethanol solution), the reductively cleavable PEC-Linker RC+, Dithiothreitol (DTT) as reducing agent, L-Cysteine as blocking agent, a buffer salt mixture (citric acid + sodium carbonate), and an English manual. Suitable for the efficient purification of up to 8 peptides with max. 25 µmol each.

Not suitable for peptides containing disulfides or azides. Further consumables are required to run the purification.

A demonstration of how to use the kit is available on YouTube:

Invented by Belyntic GmbH (, distributed in license by Iris Biotech GmbH.


A traceless catch-and-release method for rapid peptide purification; Oliver Reimann, Oliver Seitz, Dominik Sarma, Robert Zitterbart; J. Pep. Sci. 2019; 25(1): e3136.

R. Zitterbart, O. Seitz, International Patent, PCT/EP2017/051932, 29.01.2016, Belyntic GmbH, 2017.

R. Zitterbart, O. Reimann, D. Sarma, International Patent, PCT/EP2019/072894, 27.08.2018, Belyntic GmbH, 2020.


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