Starting 2001 with a small range of commodities for peptides, we meanwhile developed our portfolio to a unique list of standard reagents and unusual building blocks for the whole field of peptides and peptidomimetics. Having a holistic approach in mind, we are today the number one address for any unusual compound necessary for modification of peptides. Our mission is to accompany our customers in their current projects by supplying the most novel substances and latest technologies.

  • Drug Discovery: endless variations are possible to equip a peptide with higher or lower rigidity, solubility, protease sensitivity, affinity, or efficacy. We offer thousands of building blocks to adapt existing sequences to the individual needs. With our custom synthesis capabilities we can pick up any idea of clients’ requirements.
  • Drug Delivery: PEG polymers were pioneering a new drug delivery approach. Today many other polymers are available to provide the advantages of polymer therapeutics also to small drug molecules and open the door to new fields such as combination therapy, personalized medicine, or antibody drug conjugates (ADC).
  • Diagnostics: our latest field of activities with inducers, inhibitors, metabolites, substrates, dyes, immunology tools, and lately especially in the field of Maillard reaction products, where we can offer the world’s leading portfolio in this compound class.