Custom Synthesis

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Despite offering more than 6.000 different products in the fields of drug discovery, drug delivery, diagnostics and analytics, your project might require either a de novo route development and synthesis of certain derivatives not listed in our catalogues, an optimization or re-design of an existing synthetic route for increased efficiency, or the upscaling towards larger scale production.

For those cases, our experienced scientists are excited to accept your synthetic challenge from simple one-step reactions to complex multi-step synthesis and offer competitive prices for efficient and high-quality custom synthesis based on your needs, required quantities, and purity grades together with careful documentation and analysis. Our strengths are especially derivatives with one or several chiral centers. Let us provide the manpower and facilities required for your success.

We are cooperating with selected contract manufacturers and leading universities worldwide. Furthermore, non-GMP production from mg to multiple kg can be developed and transferred into GMP environment on demand. All our manufacturing partners go through an intensive and detailed supplier qualification program.

In case our facilities cannot fulfill the requirements of your synthetic demand, we still can assist with our broad knowledge on synthetic and production-related topics, develop a practical route for production and mediate our contacts to reach your goals. For such kind of tasks, we can provide Full Time Equivalent (FET) manpower to push your idea to realization.

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Location & Capabilities

Iris Biotech Laboratories are located in the Business and Industry Park Willstätt, which is a 12-ha chemical production site operating for more than 40 years. We share this infrastructure with over 25 companies and profit from a wide range of professional services. Efficient energy supply and management, unique services regarding facilities, security and latest telecommunication technology provide us a very flexible and cost efficient set-up with outstanding possibilities for expansion and a wide range of capabilities for a chemical company within a vibrating logistics network with easy short access by road, air, and water.

In those laboratories, we have all capabilities of a modern chemical laboratory with state-of-the-art reactors and analytical equipment for process control and characterizing intermediates and end products. There are types of reactions we carry out routinely like chiral synthesis, enzymatic and other types of optical resolution, and hydrogenation under high pressure. We have specific know-how to work with amphiphilic and hydrophilic compounds, which are difficult to synthesize and purify. We employ highly qualified and experienced personnel with profound knowledge in research, process development, production, and analytics who strive their hardest to bring your order to fast and efficient completion. Most of our work goes into projects at gram level followed by scaling up to kilogram quantities.

Furthermore, being close to the French-German border provides us easy access to the major science, business, and travel centers of Basel, Strasbourg, and Frankfurt.

Technology Platforms

Single Molecule Platform

On a daily routine, we are using standard approaches to yield unusual amino acids, e.g., the acetamido-malonate route or asymmetrich Strecker analysis. Besides, we are also employing specific platforms, like asymmetric phase-transfer reactions to get access to a wide range of unusual building blocks.

Furthermore, we gained skills in the homologization of natural amino acids resulting in homo-, β2-, β3- and γ-amino acids, the β,β-dimethylation of amino acids on position α and β leading to peptides with increased proteolytic stability, as well as in the synthesis of trifluoromethylated or other fluoro-amino acids.

In the case of amino acid derivatives, we are offering our profound knowledge on their functionalization and derivatization. Arginine and its analogues play a vigorous role for the stability towards digestion and in general proteolytic stability. Prolines with residues at different positions of the pyrrolidine ring provide additional cross-linking possibilities and can specifically induce cis- or trans- configuration of the corresponding amide bond.

As part of our Linkerology ( = Linker + Technology) section, we design and develop customized specific linkers for the conjugation of biomolecules (protein, enzymes, antibodies), like in antibody-drug conjugates. In addition, we synthesize 3rd generation Click-linkers carrying functional groups like cyclooctynes, trans-cyclooctenes, tetrazines, or dienophiles on PEGs, polyamines, or short peptides.

Moreover, we can run custom synthesis of spermines, spermidines, and other polyamines carrying different and orthogonal protecting groups, depending on your requirements.

The Polymer Program:

The (custom) synthesis of poly(ethylene glycol)s (PEGs) and Poly(sarcosine)s (PSRs) requires specific know-how. We provide (non-GMP) custom synthesis of PEGs in gram scale to multi-kg according to cGMP. In addition, we offer the synthesis of poly(amino acids) like homopolymers of Arginine, Glutamic acid, Lysine, and Ornithine used as modern drug carrier systems providing the advantages of polymer therapeutics also to small drug molecules. In addition, we offer a very broad variation in size, architecture, and chemical functionality of poly(2-oxazolines) – 2nd generation polymer carriers.