Chemical name: (S)-Amino-6-((prop-2-ynyloxy)carbonylamino)hexanoic acid hydrochloride // Synonyms: N-epsilon-(Prop-2-ynyloxycarbonyl)-L-lysine hydrochloride, H-L-Lys(Pryoc)-OH*HCl , H-Lys(Poc)-OH*HCl, ProK, PrK

  • Product code:HAA2090
  • CAS No.:1428330-91-9
  • Formula:C10H16N2O4*HCl
  • Molecular weight:228.25*36.45 g/mol
  • Purity :min. 99%
  • Enantiomeric Purity:min. 99,9%

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H-L-Lys(Pryoc)-OH or H-L-Lys(EO-N3)-OH (HAA2080) are non-canonical amino acids suitable for click chemistry. They can be introduced site-specifically into recombinant proteins by the Pyrrolysyl-tRNA Synthetase/tRNA(CUA) Pair. Pyrrolysine (Pyl; HAA2830) is considered the 22nd proteinogenic amino acid. It is a naturally occurring, genetically coded amino acid used by some methanogenic archaea and one known bacterium in enzymes that are part of their methane-producing metabolism. It is similar to lysine, but with an added pyrroline ring linked to the end of the lysine side chain. It forms part of an unusual genetic code in these organisms.

Propargyloxycarbonyl, commonly abbreviated as Poc or Pryoc, can either be used as alkyne component for standard Click conjugation or in combination with tetrazine linkers in copper-free Diels-Alder type Click reactions. It also has applications as unusual protecting group for amines, hydroxy functions and as esters. All 3 are stable to neat TFA, but can be cleaved at ambient temperature with Co2(CO)8 in TFA:DCM. Deprotection with other transition metals like palladium have also been reported.

H-Lys(Poc)-OH is incorporated into proteins as an unnatural amino acid for further modifications using Click-chemistry.


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