Chemical name: 5,6-difluoro-L-tryptophan // Synonyms: (S)-2-amino-3-(5,6-difluoroindolyl)propionic acid, (S)-2-amino-3-(5,6-difluoro-1H-indol-3-yl)propionic acid, H-Trp(5,6-F2)-OH

  • Product code:HAA8890
  • Formula:C11H10F2N2O2
  • Molecular weight:240.21 g/mol

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Effect of Variation of the Strength of the Aromatic Interactions of Tryptophan on the Cooperative Structural Refolding Behavior of a Peptide from HIV 1. Simon Schweizer, Jennifer Reed; Biophysical Journal 2008; 95(7): 3381-3390. DOI: org/10.1529/biophysj.107.126375

Suche nach einem n-Hal-Trp in einer Peptidstruktur:

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