Chemical name: (N-alpha-N-epsilon-Bis-(di(seryl)lysyl)lysyl-glycyl-glycyl-glycyl-hydrazide pentakistrifluoroacetate

  • Product code:LS-3640
  • Molecular weight:935.51*570.10 g/mol

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Lysine dendrons containing 4 terminal serines, which easily can be synthesized on hydrazine resins (Fmoc-hydrazono-pyruvyl-aminomethylpolystyrene resin, Product code: PYV1000). The selective conjugation of this building block using hydrazone ligation technique provides peptides or polymers with multiple serine residues. An oxidation with NaIO4 results in multiple residues of glyoxylic acid, useful for the attachment of different payloads. An elegant way to multiply the number of reactive functional groups.


Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on Dendronized N-Vinylpyrrolidone Polymers; S.V. Burov, K.V. Polyanichko, P.S. Chelushkin, M.Yu. Dorosh, I.I. Gavrilova, A.V. Dobrodumov, Yu.V. Pokhvoshchev, V.D. Krasikov, E.F. Panarin; Doklady Chemistry 2016; 466: 18-20. DOI: 10.1134/S0012500816010055.

Synthesis of dendronized polymeric chelating agents using hydrazone ligation strategy; Ksenia V. Polyanichko, Pavel S. Chelushkin, Marina Yu. Dorosh, Irina I. Gavrilova, Evgeny Panarin, Anatoliy V. Dobrodumov, Sergey V. Burov; European Polymer Journal 2017; 92: 117–125. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2017.04.040.

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