I-PEG-N3 (3 kDa)

Chemical name: alpha-Iodo-omega-azido poly(ethylene glycol) // Synonyms: I-PEG(3 kDa)-N3

  • Product code:PEG3150
  • Molecular weight:3000 Da

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In conjugation techniques with thiol groups from Cystein or other SH carrying moieties normally maleimides are used, which react also with other acid protons like for example from OH or NH2 and give appropriate unwanted impurities. The Iodo group reacts much more specifically with thiol resulting in much cleaner conjugates.


Quantitative reactivity profiling predicts functional cysteins in proteomes; K.Weerapana, C.Wang, G.M.Simon, F.Richter, S.Khare, M.B.D.Dillon, D.A.Bachovichin, K.Mowen, D.Baker,

B.J.Cravatt; Nature 2010; 468: 790-795.

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