Azido-Amino Acids and Related                        

Azido-Amino Acids and Related                        

Both Boc- and Fmoc-protected derivatives of azido and alkyne amino acids can be readily introduced into peptide sequences by standard SPPS protocols. Thus, otherwise difficult to access functionalized peptides and proteins may be conjugated by means of the Click reaction. Another potential application is the cyclization of peptides via Click chemistry. Besides, azido-functionalized amino acids can be used for Staudinger ligation or serve as masked amino function.

  1. Structure image for H-L-Aha-OH

    Product code: HAA9280

  2. Structure image for Z-L-Dbu(N3)-OH

    Product code: ZAA1290

  3. Structure image for Z-D-Dbu(N3)-OH

    Product code: ZAA1285