ICG Dyes for Click Chemistry

ICG Dyes for Click Chemistry

ICG exhibits an absorption maximum in the near infrared region (NIR) at ca. 800 nm with a slight absorption in the visible range, which results in low auto-fluorescence. The emission maximum is at 810 nm. This absorption/emission profile allows for tissue-penetrating excitation without causing tissue damage. Iris Biotech provides alkyne/azide/DBCO and tetrazine-functionalized derivatives suitable for further conjugation via Click chemistry.

  1. Structure image for ICG-alkyne

    Product code: RL-2880

  2. Structure image for ICG-DBCO

    Product code: RL-2870

  3. Structure image for ICG-azide

    Product code: RL-2840

  4. Structure image for ICG-Tz

    Product code: RL-2860