Isotopically Labeled Drugs

Isotopically Labeled Drugs

Within this product category, we are offering isotopically labeled drugs, which can be used as reference standards. Understanding the metabolic and pharmacokinetic fate of a drug is a key factor in its development and registration, as well as in the elaboration of new therapeutic agents. Such labeled compounds can easily be analzyed e.g. by mass spectrometry (MS).
  1. Structure image for Anidulafungin-D11

    Product code: LS-4510

  2. Structure image for Moclobemide d8
    Moclobemide d8

    Product code: LS-4520

  3. Structure image for Felbamat-d4

    Product code: LS-4530

  4. Structure image for Lacosamide-d3

    Product code: LS-4540

  5. Structure image for Sultiame d4
    Sultiame d4

    Product code: LS-4580

  6. Structure image for Stiripentol d9
    Stiripentol d9

    Product code: LS-4600

  7. Structure image for Perampanel d5
    Perampanel d5

    Product code: LS-4610

  8. Structure image for Topiramat d12
    Topiramat d12

    Product code: LS-4620

  9. Structure image for Mycophenolic acid-d3
    Mycophenolic acid-d3

    Product code: LS-4640