Chemical name: 4-((2-(2-((6-chlorohexyl)oxy)ethoxy)ethyl)amino)-4-oxobutanoic acid // Synonyms: Haloalkane Dehalogenase Ligand

  • Product code:RL-3180
  • CAS No.:1488363-39-8
  • Formula:C14H26ClNO5
  • Molecular weight:323.81 g/mol

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This chloroalkane linker is a ligand for a specific modified bacterial haloalkane dehalogenase, also known as HaloTag®. The linker can be used for the chloroalkane penetration assay (CAPA), a quantitative and compartment-specific cell penetration assay for peptides and other potential biotherapeutics.

Further applications of the HaloTag® technology include cellular imaging as well as protein immobilization. Those applications can be accessed via an appropriate modification of the linker's carboxyl terminus, e.g. with an amine-functionalized fluorophore.


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