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Fluorogenic Amino Acids for SPPS


March 27th, 2023, 3 - 4 pm (CET) / 9 - 10 am (EST)


Virtual Platform Microsoft Teams


  • General Introduction (Dr. Karin Rustler; CMSO; Iris Biotech)
  • Expert talk “Small amino acids to rapidly build fluorogenic peptides by SPPS"
    (Dr. Fabio de Moliner & Prof. Dr. Marc Vendrell, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Q&A



Raimund Maier Dr. Raimund MaierChair
(COO at Iris Biotech)
Fabio de Moliner Dr. Fabio de Moliner Special Guest

Marc Vendrell Prof. Dr. Marc VendrellSpecial Guest

Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer Dr. Karin RustlerInternal Speaker
(CMSO at Iris Biotech)

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