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Click Chemistry in the Context of Automated Peptide Synthesis


December 13th, 2023, 3 - 4 pm (CET) / 9 - 10 am (EST)


Virtual Platform Microsoft Teams


  • General Introduction (Dr. Karin Rustler; Head of Marketing & Sales; Iris Biotech)
  • Expert talk “Automation of Peptide Modifications : A Click-Chemistry Case Study" (Dr. Quibria Guthrie; Research Scientist;
    CEM Corporation)
  • Q&A



Raimund Maier Dr. Raimund MaierChair
(COO at Iris Biotech)
Dr. Stefan Kubick Dr. Quibria GuthrieSpecial Guest
(Research Scientist at CEM Corporation)
Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer Dr. Karin RustlerInternal Speaker
(Head of Marketing & Sales at Iris Biotech)

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