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  • Amino Acids
    Natural and Unusual Amino Acids - Building Blocks for Medicinal Chemistry and Peptidomimetics >>>

  • Building Blocks
    Unusual Building Blocks for Peptide Synthesis, Peptomimetics and Medicinal Chemistry >>>

  • Resins
    Resins for Solid Phase Chemistry, Scavanger Resins, Immobilized Reagents, SEA Resins >>>

  • Reagents
    Coupling Reagents, Linkers, Protecting Grounps, Solvents and other Auxiliary Reagents for Peptide and Organic Synthesis >>>

  • Drug Delivery
    PEG, PAS, PGA and Dendrimers as modern Drug Delivery Technologies >>>

  • Life Sciences
    Substrates, Inducers, Inhibitors, Carbohydrates, Fermentation Products, Fluorescence Labels and Antibodies for Life Sciences and Diagnostics >>>

  • Biocatalysis
    Free and Immobilized Enzymes and Enzyme Screening Kits >>>

  • Services
    Custom Synthesis, Chemical Analyses and Process Development according to your Individual Needs >>>

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