1. 12th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics

    28-30 May 2018

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  2. Fmoc-Amox, A Novel Reagent for Fmoc-Protection

    The most common reagent for the Fmoc-protection of amino acids is currently Fmoc-OSu, followed by Fmoc-Cl. However, the use of these reagents is usually accompanied by several side reactions, such as the formation of beta-alanine and dipeptides. read more
  3. beta,beta-Dimethyl Amino Acids

    The use of bioactive peptides has increased over the recent years as they attracted attention for their use as therapeutic agents. read more
  4. TIDES 2018

    May 7-10, 2018

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  5. 5th Annual Peptides Congress

    16-17 April 2018

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  6. 25th Young Research Fellows meeting

    5-7 March 2018

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  7. 4th Belgian Peptide Group Meeting

    February 28th – March 1st, 2018

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  8. 16th Iberian Peptide Meeting

    5-7 February 2018

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  9. Polyarginine

    Polyarginines are well known for their ability to enhance cell penetration. read more
  10. Fmoc-L-Cys(Propargyl)-OH

    This alkyne-functionalized cysteine building block can be incorporated into peptides via the Fmoc strategy. read more

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