Fmoc-Amox, A Novel Reagent for Fmoc-Protection

Fmoc-Amox, A Novel Reagent for Fmoc-Protection

Published on 27.03.2018

The most common reagent for the Fmoc-protection of amino acids is currently Fmoc-OSu, followed by Fmoc-Cl. However, the use of these reagents is usually accompanied by several side reactions, such as the formation of beta-alanine and dipeptides.

Iris Biotech presents Fmoc-Amox as an alternative to common Fmoc-protection reagents. This product was inspired by the successful coupling reagent OxymaPure, and follows the same principle as an OxymaPure active ester.

General reaction scheme of the Fmoc-protection of free amino acids using Fmoc-Amox.

Fmoc-Amox (RL-2790) is now available in kg-quantities from Iris Biotech.

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