Published on 24.11.2017

Polyarginines are well known for their ability to enhance cell penetration.

Other applications include the formation of PolyArg nanocapsules and the mediation of peptide–carbon nanotube interactions. Polyarginine also has been shown to inhibit protein aggregation. Whatever your desired application, Iris Biotech provides well-defined Polyarginines.

Schematic representation of a Polyarginine nanocapsule composed of an oleic acid core (yellow), surfactant(s) (blue) and polyArg (adapted from Niu et al., J. Control. Release 2017).

→ You will find Polyarginines of different lengths (20 to 200 units) in our webshop.

→ Do you require different functionalities on your Polyarginine, or another chain length? Inquire for a custom-made product.

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