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At regular intervals we create topic-related brochures that gives you an introduction to novel topics and suppports you in these new areas. In addition to theoretical explanations and relevant literature references, you will also find suitable products to assist you in your work in your laboratory. In addition, the main catalogue of Iris Biotech GmbH is created and published in longer intervals.

If you might have the one or the other suggestion for us please feel free to contact us. In the meantime we wish you a every success in the new subject areas. And of course if you have some questions do not hesistate to email us.

NEW: Click Chemistry

Our Brochure for Click Chemistry with hundreds of different Azido and Alkyne Compounds. Find our possibilities for Copper-free Click Conjugation and our related Custom Synthesis capabilities.

latest Version: October 2021

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NEW: Native Chemical Ligation

Native Chemical Ligation (NCL) represents a versatile methodology for the synthesis of longer peptides. This brochure includes strategies for the performance of native chemical ligations, protocols, as well as a list of related products.

latest Version: February 2021

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Photochemical transformations are usually orthogonal to classical chemical transformations, a characteristic that renders them a valuable tool for chemists and biologists alike. This booklet describes our whole range of innovative photoactivated compounds, as well as their applications. This includes compounds such as diazirine amino acids, photolabile linkers and protecting groups, and various crosslinkers.
latest Version:

latest Version: October 2020

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The ever-growing sophistication and variation in linker design have given rise to a new and distinct field of knowledge in synthetic chemistry termed Linkerology®. Discover our expertise and panoply of new cutting-edge tailor-made linker constructs for the latest state-of-the-art bioconjugations.

latest Version: July 2020

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Cyclic Peptides Brochure

Disulfide bridges are an important structural element in many proteins and peptides. This brochure is a guideline how to plan and execute the synthesis of peptides with one or several disulfide bridges.

latest Version: September 2019

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Biotinylation Reagents

The affinity and specificity of the avidin-biotin interaction have been exploited for numerous applications in immunology, histochemistry and affinity chromatography, to name only a few. This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of all compounds for biotinylation in our portfolio.

latest Version: August 2018

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Resin Guideline

Our comprehensive guideline on resins for solid-supported peptide synthesis. Complete with protocols for resin loading and linker cleavage, standard protocols for peptide chemistry, as well as a current product list of our solid supports. It also includes latest resin developments, e.g. SEA and Hydrazon resins, very useful tools for the synthesis of long peptides via native chemical ligation (NCL).

latest Version: March 2018

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Custom Synthesis

Selected highlights of our custom synthesis capabilities with a focus on our key competence, complex chiral molecules. Homo-amino acids, α- and β-methylated amino acids, fluorinated amino acids, arginine derivatives, substituted prolines, linker molecules, as well as customized polymers are presented.

latest Version: July 2017

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Drug Delivery

Our new "Comprehensive Drug Delivery Survey"contains the latest state-of-the-art collection of all Polymer Therapeutics technologies, currently available today. 900 products from the areas PGA, PEGylation, and PASylation, including Dendrimers give the medicinal chemist all options to find the right deliver technique for small drug molecules as well as for large biopharmaceuticals.

latest Version: May 2015

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Make sure you get your copy of the latest edition of the Iris Biotech Catalogue 2014with over 6000 compounds for Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery & Diagnostics. All our Building blocks, resins & reagents, all our PEG and alternative carriers for polymer therapeutics, all substrates and related compounds are listed in here.

latest Version: September 2014

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Diamines & Polyamines

Diamines & Polyamines such as ethylene diamine, putrescine, spermidine, and spermine play important roles in many different biological functions and as feed stock for simple and sophisticated fine chemical productions. Find in our brochure over 100 different listed compounds and our possibilities for tailored custom synthesis of specific derivatives.

latest Version: July 2013

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Diagnostic Tools

Find in our new brochure “Diagnostic Tools” plenty of substrates for reporter enzymes and drug interaction studies, metabolites, glucuronides and inhibitors, inducers, antibody conjugates and cross-linkers, natural products, with biological and pharmacological activity, carbohydrates, dyes and fluorescent labels as Tools in Immunology, Diagnostic, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

latest Version: February 2013

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