1. Product of the Month: “Cleland’s Reagent” Dithiothreitol (DTT)

    DTT is a powerful yet mild reducing agent. Based on your demand we can offer different quality grades to suit your needs.

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  2. Fmoc-Amox, A Novel Reagent for Fmoc-Protection

    The most common reagent for the Fmoc-protection of amino acids is currently Fmoc-OSu, followed by Fmoc-Cl. However, the use of these reagents is usually accompanied by several side reactions, such as the formation of beta-alanine and dipeptides.

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  3. Fmoc Deprotection Reagents

    The Fmoc group is the most frequently used protecting group in peptide chemistry. The most common deprotection conditions involve a solution of 20% piperidine in DMF.

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  4. Coupling Reagents for Peptide Chemistry

    In this news section, we highlight three useful coupling reagents for peptide chemistry: PyCLOCK, PyAOP and HDMA.

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  5. THPTA: Ligand-accelerated Click Chemistry in Aqueous Solution

    Polytriazole ligands such as THPTA accelerate the copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC), or “Click”, reaction. Moreover, with the use of further additives, polytriazoles facilitate CuAAC even in live cells by significantly lowering the bioavailability of the copper catalyst.

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  6. Targeted and Reversible Biotinylation with Biotin-SS-Tyramide

    Our new Biotin-SS-Tyramide linker is a valuable tool for peroxidase-promoted targeted protein biotinylation. By using peroxidase-tagged antibodies, proteins and protein clusters can be selectively biotinylated, and then isolated using streptavidin. The biotin tag can be subsequently removed using reducing agents (e.g. glutathione).

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  7. Inexpensive & High Quality Guanylation Reagents

    We now offer N,N'-Bis-Boc-N"-triflylguanidine, at both a very competitive price and our habitual high quality. Find out about the usefulness of this and our other guanylation reagents!

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  8. Biotin Tyramide Reagents for Tyrosine-/Protein-Biotinylation

    Tyramine compounds are converted to highly reactive radicals by horseradish peroxidase in presence of H2O2 which preferentially react with surface exposed tyrosines. Biotin Tyramide and Biotin-PEG-Tyramide therefore are ideal reagents used for tyrosine-/protein-biotinylation.

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  9. Ellmans Reagent

    DTNB, frequently called Ellman’s Reagent, used as reagent for determination of free sulfhydryl groups.

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  10. Dess-Martin-Periodinane: Mild Selective Reagent for Oxidation of Alcohols

    Dess-Martin-Periodinane is one of the most useful reagents for the reduction of primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones.

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