Amino Acids

  1. Fluorogenic Building Blocks for Peptide Guided Wash-Free Imaging

    Live-imaging of dynamic structures and catching events in living cells is a challenge, as most fluorescent probes have a high background signal. For alternatives, please read on!

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  2. PotM: Blockbuster Building Blocks

    Are you keen on developing novel billion-dollar-selling peptide API blockbusters? Most recent ones use lipophilic Albumin binding moieties. Of course, Iris Biotech has the necessary building blocks!

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  3. A Tetrazole-Substituted Lysine as PTM Isostere

    The tetrazole isostere of malonyllysine is thermally stable and does not suffer from decarboxylation. Discover our building blocks suitable for incorporation via solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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  4. PotM: SCF3 in One

    Increase your peptide’s stability, introduce an NMR label for analysis, or enhance lipophilicity. Read our blog to discover our latest toolbox additions in the field of non-canonical amino acids.

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  5. Special Deal: Amino Acid Bundle

    Our special Christmas offer is still valid! Get our standard L-amino acid bundle with 30% discount compared to standard prices. Choose your packaging unit!

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  6. Glycosylated Asparagine Building Blocks for SPPS

    Add glycans to your proteins with our ready-to-use Fmoc asparagine building blocks suitable for solid phase peptide synthesis and produce peptides with exactly defined glycosylation patterns!

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  7. Special Christmas Offer!

    Do not miss our special Christmas offer starting on December 1st!

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  8. Automated Peptide Synthesis

    The discovery of the Merrifield peptide synthesis paved the way for automated solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) enabling fast and convenient simultaneous peptide synthesis.

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  9. PotM: Small-sized, neutral fluorogenic amino acids suitable for SPPS

    Discover our small-sized, neutral Fmoc-protected nitrobenzoselenadiazole- and nitrobenzothiadiazole-modified amino acids suitable for SPPS of fluorescent peptides. 

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  10. PotM: Next Generation Lysine Side Chain Protecting Groups

    Sick of Lysine side chain protecting groups jumping around, yielding scrambled peptides? Check our various options to fine-tune protecting group stability vs. cleavability to optimize your peptide yield.

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