Building Blocks

  1. PotM: Safety Catch - Orthogonally Protected Amino Acids

    Add a new dimension of orthogonality to your peptide synthesis by using Safety-Catch arylalkyl sulfoxide protecting groups! This newsletter tells you about benefits and usage – Read on!

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  2. Photoaffinity Labeling by Diazirine Building Blocks

    Discover our diazirine-substituted building blocks suitable for the analysis of protein-protein and RNA-protein interactions via proximity labeling upon photoactivation. Read on for more information!

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  3. Carbamidomethylated Cysteine as SPPS Building Block

    Our building block Fmoc-L-Cys(Cam)-OH enables peptides resembling reduced and carbamido-methylated protein fragments by standard SPPS without error-prone modification reactions.

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  4. PotM: Plant-Derived Cholesterol for LNP Drug Delivery

    Plant-derived Cholesterol of high and consistent product quality in accordance with Pharmacopoeia requirements to replace established animal source material in LNP formulation. Read on!

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  5. CliCr® - a Reactive and Soluble Bioorthogonal Click Reagent

    Building blocks with a strained triple bond do not require copper catalysis when used in click chemistry. Discover CliCr®: improved solubility in aqueous conditions and high reactivity! Click here!

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  6. Fatty Di-Acids

    Peptide therapeutics – fewer injections/lower doses by prolonging their half-life via addition of a lipid modification that promotes binding to serum proteins such as albumin. Read on for recent innovations!

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  7. Maleimide Crosslinkers

    Maleimides provide versatile options for connecting payloads to proteins and other biomolecules. Discover how our bifunctional thiol reactive crosslinkers can support your project. Read on!

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  8. PotM: Perfluorobiphenyl Building Blocks for Site-Selective Cysteine Conjugation

    Herein, we present functionalized perfluorobiphenyl building blocks which can be used for site-selective π-clamp mediated cysteine conjugation. Read on for more details about this general method!

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  9. PotM: Argpyrimidine Building Block for SPPS

    Argpyrimidine is the result of a Maillard Reaction-like nonenzymatic posttranslational modification. You want to investigate the effect of this change on function and stability? Get the building block!

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  10. PotM: CliCr® - an innovative click reagent

    Herein, we present CliCr® as an innovative cyclic alkyne for metal-free strain-promoted click chemistry. Read our blog for detailed information about CliCr® reagents based on TMTHSI and check out available derivatives!

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