Building Blocks

  1. Abraligabra - Reagents and Building Blocks for Chemical Ligation

    We can’t get enough of new products and innovations! Read this blog to get detailed information on the cyanylating reagent NTCB as well as selenocysteine amino acids, both useful tools for peptide ligation.

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  2. A Systematic Comparison of Different Methods to Tackle Aspartimide Formation

    Read on for detailed information on the results of our comparative study on different methods to tackle aspartimide formation. Click here!

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  3. Peptide Blockbusters Liraglutide and Semaglutide

    Iris Biotech offers the main building blocks for the synthesis of Liraglutide and Semaglutide and commonly observed impurities as well as reference standards. Read on for more information!

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  4. Fatty Acid Building Blocks

    We are providing variously functionalized, protected and unprotected fatty acid derivatives suitable for SPPS and further conjugation, e.g. via Click chemistry. Read on to discover our portfolio.

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  5. Sarcosine Building Blocks

    Interested in the introduction of Sarcosine (N-methylglycine), e.g. for hydrophilicity increase of your derivative of choice or for PEG replacement? Check-out our available Sarcosine building blocks!

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  6. Building Blocks for the Introduction of Hydroxylamine

    Herein, we present building blocks for the synthesis of protected hydroxylamine derivatives which can be further used for bio-conjugation and various other applications. Read on to find out more!

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  7. Pseudoproline Monomers

    Typically known and employed as preformed dipeptides, we are presenting Serine- and Threonine-derived Pseudoproline monomers as building blocks for solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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  8. PotM: About the Adamantyl Motif

    Check out our growing portfolio on adamantyl-substituted amino acids and building blocks. At Iris Biotech, we are constantly striving to improve our services, our products, and the routes of synthesis.

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  9. Measures to Prevent Aspartimide Formation

    Aspartimide formation remains one major hurdle during peptide synthesis. Read on to find out more about different strategies and available products at Iris Biotech in order to avoid this side product.

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  10. Avoiding Racemization: Fmoc-Aaa-MPPAs as Alternatives for Wang Linker during SPPS

    Compounds of the shown formula can simply be bound to solid supports via amide bond formation without racemization of the C-terminal amino acid and enable the synthesis of very pure peptides.

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