Polyamines & Spermines

Polyamines & Spermines

Polyamines are organic compounds with at least two primary amino groups. Around neutral pH, they exist as their charged ammonium derivatives. Polyamines are known to stabilize nucleic acids against chemical and enzymatic degradation, facilitate the formation of secondary and tertiary structures, and enhance cellular uptake. Biogenic polyamines, such as putrescine and spermidine are able to bind to DNA and RNA and cause DNA condensation and aggregation inducing DNA conformational changes.

  1. Structure image for Spermidine

    Product code: LS-1208

  2. Structure image for Boc3-Cyclen

    Product code: BNN1180

  3. Structure image for Boc3-Cyclen-COOH

    Product code: BNN1190

  4. Structure image for TEPA(HBBBH)

    Product code: BNN1300