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  1. PotM: Limited Offer - Polysarcosine Bundles

    From beginning of May until end of July 2023 we offer special polysarcosine bundles each containing three functionalized PSars of different molecular weight (5 kDa, 10 kDa, 15 kDa), 100 mg each.

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  2. PotM: Functionalized Dextrans

    Our monofunctionalized dextrans are enriching the toolbox of polymer therapeutics – Dextrans benefit of excellent solubility, biocompatibility, biodegradability, and non-immunogenicity.

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  3. PotM: Perfluorobiphenyl Building Blocks for Site-Selective Cysteine Conjugation

    Herein, we present functionalized perfluorobiphenyl building blocks which can be used for site-selective π-clamp mediated cysteine conjugation. Read on for more details about this general method!

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  4. PotM: Argpyrimidine Building Block for SPPS

    Argpyrimidine is the result of a Maillard Reaction-like nonenzymatic posttranslational modification. You want to investigate the effect of this change on function and stability? Get the building block!

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  5. PotM: CliCr® - an innovative click reagent

    Herein, we present CliCr® as an innovative cyclic alkyne for metal-free strain-promoted click chemistry. Read our blog for detailed information about CliCr® reagents based on TMTHSI and check out available derivatives!

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  6. PotM: His Tags for the Chemical Modification of Peptides

    Jensen et al. developed two methods that use poly-His sequences to direct the highly selective acylation of proteins, either at the N-terminus or at a specific Lys residue. Read on for more information.

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  7. PotM: Fmoc-Ser(Msbh)-OH

    You are working on complex peptides and are looking for a new level of orthogonality facilitating the overall synthetic process and improving your yields? Check out the Msbh safety-catch protecting group!

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  8. PotM: 1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol (BDMT)

    1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol is used as thiol scavenger during solid-phase peptide synthesis. In comparison to other thiol scavengers, this reagent is odorless and provides high quality crude peptides.

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  9. PotM: Smoc Amino Acids

    Herein, we present the Clean Peptide Technology using Smoc Amino Acids developed by Sulfotools in Germany. Replace organic solvents with water during peptide synthesis - Read on for more information!

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  10. PotM: Biotin – Desthiobiotin - Iminobiotin

    Herein, we present 2-Iminobiotin, a cyclic guanidino analogue of biotin with pH-dependent affinity for avidin, and compare it to biotin and desthiobiotin. Click here for more detailed information.

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