Reagents for Click-Conjugation

Reagents for Click-Conjugation

Iris Biotech provides almost 200 reagents for Click-conjugation with a broad range of suitable functional groups including alkynes, trans-cyclooctenes (TCOs), cyclooctynes (DBCO), tetrazines, and mainly azides. Thus, reagents to be either used for copper-catalyzed or for copper-free click-conjugation, just depending on the desired application. For Click PEG products not listed in our portfolio, please send your request with required functional groups to our custom synthesis service.

  1. Structure image for SBAP Linker
    SBAP Linker

    Product code: RL-3590

  2. New
    Structure image for TCO-NHS

    Product code: TCO1000

  3. New
  4. Structure image for TCO-PEG(12)-NHS

    Product code: TCO1020

  5. Structure image for DBCO-COOH

    Product code: RL-2430

  6. Structure image for DBCO-NHS

    Product code: RL-2440