Poly-arginines (PARs) are a class of poly(amino acids) that are a valuable alternative to PEGs. Unlike PEGs, polyarginines are biocompatible and biodegradable, so they do not accumulate in the body or cause an immune response. PARs can be used as carriers for pharmaceuticals, or for the multivalent presentation of molecules. They are well known for their ability to enhance cell penetration and to inhibit protein aggregation. Other applications are e.g. the formation of nano capsules.

Iris Biotech offers PARs of different lengths (20 to 200 units).

  1. Structure image for nBu-PArg(20)*HCl

    Product code: PAR1060

  2. Structure image for nBu-PArg(50)*HCl

    Product code: PAR1020

  3. Structure image for nBu-PArg(100)*HCl

    Product code: PAR1030

  4. Structure image for nBu-PArg(200)*HCl

    Product code: PAR1050