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Empowering Peptide Innovation

Our mission is to accompany our customers in their current projects by supplying the most novel substances and latest technologies.

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New Products

Our section “new products” gives an overview of our latest developments and innovative products within the last few months. Visit regularly to stay up to date.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids – our biggest category with over 3000 products from standard amino acids, with and without protecting groups, to a variety of unnatural and variously functionalized, unique derivatives.

Building Blocks

Discover our range of building blocks from standard to exotic. Iris Biotech provides a selection of around 500 products, e.g. amino derivatives, cyclic compounds, dipeptides, and fatty acid derivatives.

Life Sciences

Within life sciences you can find substrates, inhibitors, metabolites, vitamins, carbohydrates, dyes, fluorescent labels, maillard reaction products, certain peptides, as well as specific natural products.

Drug Delivery

Within the section drug delivery we offer around 1000 products from PEGs, over poly AAs and poly(2-oxazolines) to fullerenes to fully support you and your ongoing projects in drug delivery.


The category reagents includes coupling reagents, linkers, solvents, and scavengers for solid phase chemistry as well as reagents for attaching protecting groups and further useful agents.


Resins – Polymeric carriers as solid support for carrying out solid phase organic and particularly peptide synthesis. Iris Biotech offers a broad selection of around 1000 preloaded/functionalized resins.


Kits - this category summarizes pre-arranged kits, e.g. for peptide purification, and provide a detailed manual and related consumables within one box to facilitate your research experiences.


Linkerology® - the unlimited variability in linker design has given rise to this new and distinct field of knowledge. Discover our panoply of linker constructs for the latest state-of-the-art bioconjugations.

Custom Synthesis

Our custom synthesis service provides access to products not listed in our catalogue. We are excited to work on your request from simple one-step reactions to complex multi-step synthesis.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base provides you access to structure data files, FAQs, and publications as well as our self-made brochures, flyers, and scientific posts sorted by our different product categories.


Within this category, you can find our self-made topic-related brochures for download free-of-charge. A combination of theoretical explanations, literature references, and suitable products.