1. Linker Technologies for Sophisticated Bioconjugations

    Linkers serve as versatile tools, e.g. during SPPS or for the sophisticated (self-immolative) conjugation of a potent small molecule to a carrier. Check out our selection of over 100 readily available linkers.

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  2. The Dawson Linker

    The Dawson Linker and its variants provide access to C-terminal peptide thioesters which are crucial components of Native Chemical Ligation reactions. Read on to discover all derivatives available at Iris Biotech!

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  3. pH-Sensitive Self-Immolative Linkers

    Are you active in the field of antibody drug conjugates? Click here to find out more about our selection of as well as the technology behind pH-sensitive self-immolative linkers.

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  4. PotM: Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs®)

    Drug the undruggable – click here to get more information about the use of PROteolysis TArgeting Chimeras (PROTACs®) as a tool for targeted protein degradation and discover available building blocks.

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  5. Fatty Acid Building Blocks

    We are providing variously functionalized, protected and unprotected fatty acid derivatives suitable for SPPS and further conjugation, e.g. via Click chemistry. Read on to discover our portfolio.

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  6. Chemically Tunable Kinetics of Self-Immolation

    Discover our selection of disulfide-based self-immolative linkers allowing to influence linker stability, fine-tune the self-immolative cleavage rate and thus impact the speed of the payload release.

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  7. PotM: Substrates for Fusion (Halo/Snap/Clip)-Tagged Proteins

    Discover our selection of substrates for Halo-, Snap-, and Clip-tagged proteins bearing different terminal groups suitable for further functionalization, e.g. biotinylation and Click chemistry.

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  8. N-Methylation of Amino-PEG-Acids

    Herein we are reporting on the linker stability of amino-PEG-acids achieved via N-methylation and the possible side-reaction without this additional modification. Read on to find out more!

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  9. Haloalkane Dehalogenase Substrates

    Discover our selection of Halo ligands as haloalkane dehalogenase substrates, bearing different terminal functional groups suitable for further conjugation, e.g. via Click chemistry.

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  10. N-Alkyl Substituted Carboxy Linkers for Peptide Synthesis

    Herein, we present Fmoc-protected N-alkyl-substituted carboxy linkers, which can be elongated by Fmoc-SPPS and can easily be linked to amino-functionalized solid supports. Read on to find out more about their advantages.

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