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  1. 2-Cyanopyridines for Click-Like Reactions

    Have an additional ace up your sleeve for selective and efficient peptide modification, cyclization, and/or bioconjugation. Explore 2-cyanopyridines for click-like reactions. Get more information!

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  2. Aminothiols for Versatile Side-Chain Modification

    Beyond cysteines: Unlock targeted side-chain modifications of your peptides and proteins via the introduction of 1,2-aminothiols and subsequent click-like functionalization. 

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  3. Azobenzene Photoswitches

    Engineer shape-shifting peptides, controllable by a laser as magic wand! In this newsletter, we’ll explore the possibilities of photo switchable building blocks based on azobenzene.

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  4. PotM: Oligomeric Sarcosine Building Blocks

    You are looking for monodisperse Sarcosines? You want to use Sarcosine for SPPS? You need to improve your drug's hydrophilicity and search for PEG alternatives? Read on!

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  5. A Tetrazole-Substituted Lysine as PTM Isostere

    The tetrazole isostere of malonyllysine is thermally stable and does not suffer from decarboxylation. Discover our building blocks suitable for incorporation via solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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  6. Cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) Derivatives for “Click” Conjugation

    Discover the cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) click reaction, a not (yet) so well-known biocompatible and bio-orthogonal mechanism faster than the famous azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC).

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  7. Carbamidomethylated Cysteine as SPPS Building Block

    Our building block Fmoc-L-Cys(Cam)-OH enables peptides resembling reduced and carbamido-methylated protein fragments by standard SPPS without error-prone modification reactions.

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  8. PotM: Plant-Derived Cholesterol for LNP Drug Delivery

    Plant-derived Cholesterol of high and consistent product quality in accordance with Pharmacopoeia requirements to replace established animal source material in LNP formulation. Read on!

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  9. Fluorogenic Protease Substrates with Enhanced Signal-to-Noise-Ratio

    Shine bright like our fluorophores! Learn how our superior fluorogenic protease substrate peptides can enhance your test performance. Click here to gather more information and discover available products!

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  10. PotM: Perfluorobiphenyl Building Blocks for Site-Selective Cysteine Conjugation

    Herein, we present functionalized perfluorobiphenyl building blocks which can be used for site-selective π-clamp mediated cysteine conjugation. Read on for more details about this general method!

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