Fatty Acid Derivatives

Fatty Acid Derivatives

The most naturally occurring Fatty Acids are unbranched with an even number of carbon atoms such as caproic acid (C6), myristic acid (C14), palmitic acid (C16), or stearic acid (C18). We offer Boc- and Fmoc-protected derivatives as well as variously functionalized fatty acids, e.g. NHS-substituted active esters, azide derivatives for click chemistry and Staudinger ligation, alkyne derivatives for click chemistry, as well as fatty amino acids. Fatty amino acids have raised interest as they improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacologic properties of peptide APIs and other biopharmaceuticals.

  1. Structure image for N3-Pen-OH

    Product code: AAA1970

  2. Structure image for N3-Hx-OH

    Product code: AAA1960

  3. Structure image for N3-Aca-OSu

    Product code: RL-2980

  4. Structure image for TrtS-Hx-OH

    Product code: AAA1980

  5. Structure image for Mbsh-S-Hx-COOH

    Product code: RL-2700

  6. New
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  9. Structure image for Alkyne-oleic acid
    Alkyne-oleic acid

    Product code: RL-3900

  10. Structure image for Fmoc-L-Asn(lauryl)-OH

    Product code: FAA7870

  11. Structure image for Fmoc-L-Gln(lauryl)-OH

    Product code: FAA7880

  12. Structure image for Fmoc-L-2Aod-OH

    Product code: FAA8545