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  1. Avoiding Racemization: Fmoc-Aaa-MPPAs as Alternatives for Wang Linker during SPPS

    Compounds of the shown formula can simply be bound to solid supports via amide bond formation without racemization of the C-terminal amino acid and enable the synthesis of very pure peptides.

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  2. Enzymatically Cleavable Linkers Based on Val-Cit and Val-Ala

    The peptide-based ADC linkers Val-Cit and Val-Ala are efficiently cleaved by lysosomal proteases and benefit from increased serum stability and effective payload-release in targeted cells.

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  3. Trifluoromethylated Amino Acids

    The incorporation of alpha-trifluoromethyl substituted amino acids into peptides increases proteolytic stability, enhances lipophilicity, and induces secondary structures. Read on to find out more!

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  4. PotM: Methanoprolines and Dimethylprolines - Constraining the Conformation of Peptides

    Interested in structure-activity studies of your Proline-containing peptide drug? Find out more about the use of Methanoprolines and Dimethylprolines as conformational amide locks.

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  5. Clicky Acids – Fatty Acids for Click Conjugation

    Iris Biotech offers various (protected) azide- and alkyne-modified fatty acid derivatives suitable for Click Chemistry. Interested? Read on to find out more!

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  6. About the Advantages of Pseudoproline Dipeptides

    Serine- and Threonine-derived oxazolidines as well as Cysteine-derived thiazolidines, so-called Pseudoprolines, serve as structure-disrupting, solubilizing building blocks in peptide synthesis.

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  7. Thiol- and Amine Reactive Crosslinkers

    Iris Biotech offers hetero-bifunctional crosslinkers bearing an N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester and a maleimide group suitable for the reaction with amine- and thiol-containing molecules.

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  8. PotM: Pyridyldithiols as Precursors for Disulfide-Based (Self-Immolative) Linkers

    Read on to find out more about Iris Biotech’s Linkerology® portfolio including substituted pyridyldithiols as building blocks for the reversible chemical conjugation to sulfhydryls.

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  9. Workshop Click Chemistry

    You missed it? We are pleased to provide the full-length recording for your convenience! Any further questions? Please get in contact via!

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  10. Fmoc-L-Cys(Palm)-OH – A S-palmitoylated Cysteine building block

    Interested in studying the effect of palmitoylation on your peptide’s localization, function, and stability? Read on to find out more about the use of lipidated “fatty” amino acids!

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