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  1. Workshop Bioorthogonal Chemistry in the Context of cell-free Protein Synthesis

    You missed our workshop featuring Dr. Stefan Kubick (B4Pharmatech, Berlin)? Any further questions? Please get in contact via


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  2. PotM: Multiconjugates via Simultaneous Double-Click Reaction

    Discover our new building block 4-(azido-propyl-tetrazine)phenylalanine (pTAF) and make use of the orthogonality of the 2nd and 3rd generation Click reaction to build multiconjugates via double-Click.

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  3. Conjugating Small Molecule Drugs

    You want to attach your small molecule to a certain carrier? Let’s analyze the functional groups present and discuss Linkerology® possibilities for permanent or trigger-inducible, tracelessly-cleavable linkage.

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  4. Cell-Free Bioengineering & Linkerology®

    Bioengineering in combination with Linkerology®. Check out the unique options for membrane proteins, recombinant immunotoxins (RITs) and novel antibody-drug conjugates.

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  5. PotM: TCEP as Versatile Reducing Agent

    TCEP is an effective reductant for disulfide bonds and a versatile reagent for various applications in protein science with distinct advantages compared to DTT and BME.

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  6. Conjugating Natural Products (3)

    The potential of natural products of daily life, such as 6-shogaol from ginger (Zingiber officinale), can flourish if the active ingredient is conjugated to an appropriate carrier via Linkerology®. 

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  7. Cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) Derivatives for “Click” Conjugation

    Discover the cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) click reaction, a not (yet) so well-known biocompatible and bio-orthogonal mechanism faster than the famous azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC).

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  8. Functionalization of Carbon Materials by Linker Attachment

    Allotropes of carbon show distinct characteristics in structure and e.g. electric and biophysiological properties. Discover how these materials can be further exploited by linker attachment!

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  9. Review – Product Highlights 2023 (Part 1)

    Curious about our latest portfolio additions from January to June 2023? Discover our New Products Flyer and check out the summary of recent product highlights! Get in contact for more details!

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  10. PotM: Safety Catch - Orthogonally Protected Amino Acids

    Add a new dimension of orthogonality to your peptide synthesis by using Safety-Catch arylalkyl sulfoxide protecting groups! This newsletter tells you about benefits and usage – Read on!

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