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  1. Get Ready to Riddle!

    “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…” – The first snow has already fallen in Marktredwitz and the first of December is just around the corner, and with it our advent calendar. Get surprised!

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  2. Abraligabra - Reagents and Building Blocks for Chemical Ligation

    We can’t get enough of new products and innovations! Read this blog to get detailed information on the cyanylating reagent NTCB as well as selenocysteine amino acids, both useful tools for peptide ligation.

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  3. PotM: His Tags for the Chemical Modification of Peptides

    Jensen et al. developed two methods that use poly-His sequences to direct the highly selective acylation of proteins, either at the N-terminus or at a specific Lys residue. Read on for more information.

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  4. Online workshop: Autocatalytic His Tags for the Chemical Modification of Proteins

    Online workshop “Autocatalytic His Tags for the Chemical Modification of Proteins” on December 14th, 3 pm CET . We are excited to welcome Prof. Knud J. Jensen as external experts. Register now! 

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  5. DTT and Spermidine for RNA Buffers and Vaccine Production

    See how our “mRNA grade” DTT and Spermidine can support also your nucleic acid production. Read on for more information.

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  6. Linker Technologies for Sophisticated Bioconjugations

    Linkers serve as versatile tools, e.g. during SPPS or for the sophisticated (self-immolative) conjugation of a potent small molecule to a carrier. Check out our selection of over 100 readily available linkers.

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  7. Everything for Nobel Chemistry

    The 2022 Chemistry Nobel prize is awarded to B. Sharpless, M. Meldal and C. Bertozzi for their work in the field of Click Chemistry. At Iris, we are providing clickable building blocks for nobel chemistry. Read on for more information!

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  8. ChemMatrix® Discontinued

    The ChemMatrix® resin production and distribution was discontinued by its manufacturer SEQENS. Products are only available at Iris till current stock is sold out. Read on for more information!

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  9. Browse our Brochures

    We refreshed our topic-specific brochures. All of them are accessible via our website and can be downloaded free of charge. Click here to check-out the overview of available brochures.

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  10. PotM: Fmoc-Ser(Msbh)-OH

    You are working on complex peptides and are looking for a new level of orthogonality facilitating the overall synthetic process and improving your yields? Check out the Msbh safety-catch protecting group!

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