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  1. Product Focus: IPTG

    Isopropyl-β-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG) is one of the most commonly utilized reagents in molecular biology. read more
  2. Product of the Month: Novel Fmoc-Amino Acids for Convenient Access to HDAC Inhibitors

    Find out more about those building blocks with side chains able to coordinate metal ions, and why peptide-based HDACis are intriguing synthetic targets. read more
  3. Our new trainee at Iris Biotech

    read more
  4. His-Tag for Specific Linker Attachment

    Learn, how His-Tag can be used for specific linker attachment. Another example in our LINKEROLOGY series of sophisticated linker technologies. read more
  5. Iris Biotech joins „BIOPARK8-Brain-Network“

    We, Iris Biotech GmbH, are pleased that Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer completes the BIOPARK8-Brain-Network in Regensburg and will enrich it with our experience.

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  6. Product Focus: TT-232, a Potent Somatostatin Analogue

    Amongst various somatostatin analogues, the pentacyclic heptapeptide TT-232 bears unique properties. Iris Biotech offers TT-232 as triacetate and trifluoroacetate salt, respectively, as well as conjugated to either biotin or the fluorophore indocyanine green. read more
  7. New Collaboration with SciClix

    Find out more about our partner SciClix from Singapore and our new collaboration! read more
  8. Publishing with Iris Biotech

    You performed successful research with Iris Biotech compounds? Please send your peer-reviewed scientific publication to for citation – we will reward you! Details below. read more
  9. Identification and Quantification of Maillard RPs

    Find out which Maillard Reaction Products from Iris Biotech were used in the development of a state-of-the-art analytical method for 15 different AGEs. read more
  10. Product of the Month: Dde-based Linkers

    Placing Dde as one terminal group of a linker and a functional group prone for conjugation as the other or using Dde as the central connective portion of a linker, allows for the creation of new bifunctional linkers. read more

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