1. Resins for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (Part 2)

    You want to get an overview about the various resins available at Iris Biotech as well as their specifications, differences, and applications? Read on for further information and details.

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  2. Resins for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (Part 1)

    You just started working in the field of solid phase (peptide) synthesis and want to get familiar with resins? Click here to get an overview about the different parameters describing resins.

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  3. PotM: Towards “Greener” Peptide Synthesis – Alternative Solvents for Loading of 2-CTC and 4-MBH-Br

    Replace undesired solvents such as DCM, THF and DMF during the loading of 2-CTC and 4-MBH-Br resin by a “greener” EtOAc/MeCN (1:1) mixture. Click here and read on for more details.

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  4. Hydrazone Resins as Alternative to SEA Resins

    Discover the versatile applications of hydrazone resins e.g. for the preparation of peptide hydrazides, or the generation of peptide thio esters. Read on to find out more and see our available products.

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  5. Phase change during peptide synthesis. Application of Fmoc-Rink Amide Linker on 2-Chlorotrityl Resin

    Abstract: A symposium report. Protected peptides were synthesized using 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (Fmoc) amino acids and the acid labile 2-chlorotrityl and the multidetachable 2-chlorotrityl-Rink-linker resins.

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  6. NEW Hydrazone Resin

    A new hydrazone resin enables a convenient way to synthesize peptide hydrazides for Hydrazone Ligation Technique and Native Chemical Ligation (NCL).

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  7. 4-Methylbenzhydryl-Resins - the Better Wang-Resin alternative

    Wang resins are widely used for peptide synthesis. However, certain side reactions, like diketopiperazin formation limit their use. 4-Methylbenzhydryl resin needs more space and leaves less room for this type of side reactions. Standard “Wang-typical” Fmoc/tBu coupling protocols can be applied.

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  8. Convenient method of peptide hydrazide synthesis using a new hydrazone resin

    Peptide hydrazides can be easily synthesized using a new hydrazone resin, obtained via acylation of aminomethyl polystyrene by Fmoc-hydrazone of pyruvic acid.

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  9. Synthesis of Protected Peptide Amide Fragments with Sieber Resin

    Fmoc-Sieber amide resin is an acid-labile carrier for solid phase synthesis of peptide amides. Cleavage with only 1% TFA makes it an ideal carrier for the synthesis of protected peptide fragments in fragment condensation strategies for the synthesis of long peptides.

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  10. Preloaded Resins for Synthesis of Peptide Amides

    Used for Efficient and Economic Bulk Synthesis of Peptide APIs:

    A new technology is available with a set of new preloaded resins, which enable the synthesis of peptide amides WITHOUT ANY LINKER.
    Amino acid amides, which bear a functional side chain, are immobilized on acid sensitive resins. This makes process development, small scale synthesis, bulk production and in-process control very easy.

    Find more technical details in our application for demonstration purposes with BIVALIRUDIN.

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