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Amino Acids

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  1. N-Fmoc-a-sulfo-b-alanine: a versatile building block for the water solubilisation of chromophores and fluorophores by solid-phase strategy
  2. Shorter Arginine homologues to stabilize peptides towards tryptic digestion
  3. Synthesis of side-chain to side-chain cyclic peptides and oligolysine cores suitable for the solid-phase assembly of MAPs and TASPs.
  4. Application of the Trt and Fmoc groups for the protection of polyfunctional α-amino acids.

Drug Delivery

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  1. PEGylation - The Magic Wand IRIS Biotech GmbH - Turning Proteins and other Biopharmaceuticals into Super Performing Block Busters.
  2. Polymers Enlarge the Potential of Biopharmaceuticals
  3. Pharmacological Effects of Polymer Therapeutics
  4. Polydispersity of Polymer Carriers
  5. Comparison of Carriers for Polymer Therapeutics


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  1. Convenient method of peptide hydrazide synthesis using a new hydrazone resin
  2. Phase change during peptide synthesis. Application of Fmoc-Rink Amide Linker on 2-Chlorotrity Resin


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  1. Hexafluoroacetone as Protecting and Activating Reagent: New Routes to Amino, Hydroxy, and Mercapto Acids and Their Application for Peptide and Glyco- and Depsipeptide Modification

Custom Synthesis

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  1. Standard approaches
  2. Specific platforms
  3. Homologization of natural amino acids
  4. α-Methyl and β,β-dimethyl amino acids
  5. Trifluoromethylated and other Fluoro-amino acids


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  1. Understanding enzyme immobilisation
  2. A Three-Dimensional Quanititative Structure-Activity Relationship (3D-QSAR) Model for Predicting the Enantioselectivity of Candida antarctica Lipase B
  3. Preparation of D-amino acids by enzymatic kinetic resolution using a mutant of penicillin-G acylase from E. coli