1. New Warehouse India

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  2. Betulins – Potent Natural Products

    Betulin and its derivatives are pentacyclic triterpenoids of the lupane-type. They are natural products that occur as secondary metabolites in over 200 different plants. Betulinic acid (BA) is a derivative of betulin that is oxidized at C-28. read more
  3. YRFM: Best Flash Communication Award

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  4. 27th SCT Young Research Fellows Meeting

    29 - 31 January 2020 read more
  5. 4th GFPP Chemical Ligation Meeting

    27 - 29 January 2020 read more
  6. 2nd Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry

    19 - 23 January 2020 read more
  7. Christmas Donation from 2019

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  8. Cleavable Bifunctional Biotin-Linkers

    Biotinylation of proteins and their purification via Streptavidin beads is a widely applied method. read more
  9. Product of the Month: Biotin-Aniline for Proximity Labeling of RNA

    Proximity labeling of proteins with biotin-phenol (biotin-tyramide) and an engineered peroxidase enzyme (e.g. APEX = Engineered Ascorbate Peroxidase) is a pivotal tool for molecular biology.

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  10. Unsere neuen Mitarbeiterinnen - Our new trainees

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