1. Isotopically Labeled Drugs

    Stable isotopically labeled drugs are routinely used to investigate a drug’s metabolism, distribution, bioavailability, side effects and potential toxicity. Discover our selection of labeled drugs.

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  2. Substrates for Fusion (Halo/Snap/Clip)-Tagged Proteins

    Discover our selection of substrates for Halo-, Snap-, and Clip-tagged proteins bearing different terminal groups suitable for further functionalization, e.g. biotinylation and Click chemistry.

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  3. Review – Product Highlights 2021

    Herein, we summarize certain product highlights and innovations, which we presented in our newsletters 2021. Have a look and get in contact for more information or an individualized offer.

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  4. Special Offer – Summary Advent Calendar

    See a summary of our advent calendar surprises and benefit from special discounts and great offers! Interested? Just click here to check-out all available products.

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  5. 2-Chlorotrityl Chloride and 4-Methylbenzhydryl Bromide Resin Loading Using the Mixture of Organic Solvents: A “Greener” Alternative to Dichloromethane and N,N-Dimethylformamide

    Common protocols for the loading of 2-CTC and MBH-Br resins presume the application of DCM, THF, or DMF; these solvents are considered as undesirable in accordance with modern regulatory rules.

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  6. Easy access to purified complex peptides on larger scales with the peptide easy clean technology – a liraglutide case study

    With a remarkable amount of peptide therapeutics already on the market and many more to come, there is an ongoing need to improve manufacturing scale and efficiency for a sustainable, global supply.

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  7. Workshop Advances on Cysteine Protecting Groups

    You missed our workshop featuring Prof. Dr. Fernando Albericio (University of KwaZulu-Natal & University of Barcelona)? The recording will soon be available. Any further questions? Please get in contact via

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  8. Conformationally Constrained Amino Acid Derivatives

    Herein we present a series of alpha,alpha-cycle-disubstituted amino acid derivatives used in peptide design for their structure promoting effects as well as conformational rigidity.

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  9. N-Methylation of Amino-PEG-Acids

    Herein we are reporting on the linker stability of amino-PEG-acids achieved via N-methylation and the possible side-reaction without this additional modification. Read on to find out more!

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  10. Pseudoproline Monomers

    Typically known and employed as preformed dipeptides, we are presenting Serine- and Threonine-derived Pseudoproline monomers as building blocks for solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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