1. Statement on COVID-19

    Beginning of March 2020 Iris Biotech implemented measures in order to minimize the impact of and the risks associated with the current pandemic. As of 26 March 2020, Iris Biotech is classified as system-relevant.

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  2. Postponed to October: Cell-Penetrating Peptides: Next generation delivery systems

    27 - 29 April 2020 read more
  3. Biologics Series

    27 - 29 April 2020 read more
  4. Postponed to October: medCHEMbio 2020

    23 - 24 March 2020 read more
  5. New Warehouse India

    Our distribution partner in Mumbai / India, Sumit Biosciences Pvt Ltd., recently opened a new warehouse in Mumbai to stock various Iris Biotech products from our amino acids and resins product ranges. Stocked pack sizes range from 5 g to 1 kg.

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  6. Betulins – Potent Natural Products

    Betulin and its derivatives are pentacyclic triterpenoids of the lupane-type. They are natural products that occur as secondary metabolites in over 200 different plants. Betulinic acid (BA) is a derivative of betulin that is oxidized at C-28. read more
  7. YRFM: Best Flash Communication Award

    At the Young Researcher Fellow Meeting (YRFM) 2020 Iris Biotech had the honor to sponsor the award "Best Flash Communication Award".
    Congratulations to Mirjana Antonijevic and Martha Hernandez Carrillo.

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  8. 27th SCT Young Research Fellows Meeting

    29 - 31 January 2020 read more
  9. 4th GFPP Chemical Ligation Meeting

    27 - 29 January 2020 read more
  10. 2nd Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry

    19 - 23 January 2020 read more

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