Peptides and proteins are the most abundant group of biomolecules in life built by linkage of amino acids via peptide bonds. Depending on the number of linked amino acids within one peptide sequence, they are classified as oligopeptides or polypeptides. Proteins consist of one or more polypeptides arranged in a specific tertiary structure. Find here a selection of peptides of various nature such as toxins, immunosuppressives, antibiotics or chromogenic diagnostic peptides. Looking for a specific peptide sequence? Please get in contact for a custom synthesis of your derivative of choice.

  1. Structure image for Actinomycin D
    Actinomycin D

    Product code: LS-1004

  2. Structure image for Alamethicin

    Product code: LS-1075

  3. Structure image for Bz-QAR-Rh110-p

    Product code: LS-3530

  4. Structure image for Liraglutide

    Product code: LS-4050

  5. Structure image for Semaglutide

    Product code: LS-4040

  6. Structure image for Orexin A
    Orexin A

    Product code: LS-3520

  7. Structure image for Cycloaspeptide A
    Cycloaspeptide A

    Product code: LS-1114

  8. Structure image for Cyclosporin A
    Cyclosporin A

    Product code: LS-1021

  9. Structure image for Cyclosporin H
    Cyclosporin H

    Product code: LS-1073

  10. Structure image for Destruxin CHL
    Destruxin CHL

    Product code: LS-1118

  11. Structure image for Dansyl-GSH

    Product code: HAA7945

  12. Structure image for SAG

    Product code: LS-1270

  13. Structure image for Valinomycin

    Product code: LS-1079

  14. Structure image for Z-DEVD-Rh110-p

    Product code: LS-3550