PotM: Plant-Derived Cholesterol for LNP Drug Delivery

PotM: Plant-Derived Cholesterol for LNP Drug Delivery

Published on 13/06/2023

Plant-derived Cholesterol of high and consistent product quality in accordance with Pharmacopoeia requirements to replace established animal source material in LNP formulation. Read on!

Latest since the approval of the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, the important role of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) in drug delivery has been generally recognized. All LNPs approved so far consist to a significant extent (30-50%) of the natural lipid Cholesterol or its derivatives. The molar content of Cholesterol has tremendous influence on LNP size and shape, transfection efficiency, and expression levels of the protein(s) encoded by the transported mRNA.

Traditionally, Cholesterol – and even the one for Pharmacopoeia grades – is extracted from natural animal sources, preferably form lanolin (sheep’s wool grease). However, there are several risks associated products of animal origin, such as transmission of diseases like TSE, unwanted immune reactions, or fluctuating product quality.

The invention of synthetic strategies to derive Cholesterol from plant-extracted Phytosterols gave way to the bulk scale production of entirely animal-free excipient grade Cholesterol of high and consistent product quality in accordance with Pharmacopoeia requirements.

We are happy to provide you with plant-derived Cholesterol (LS-4330) from gram to multi-kilogram scale. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@iris-biotech.de!


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