1. Synthesis of Protected Peptide Amide Fragments with Sieber Resin

    Fmoc-Sieber amide resin is an acid-labile carrier for solid phase synthesis of peptide amides. Cleavage with only 1% TFA makes it an ideal carrier for the synthesis of protected peptide fragments in fragment condensation strategies for the synthesis of long peptides.

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  2. Preloaded Resins for Synthesis of Peptide Amides

    Used for Efficient and Economic Bulk Synthesis of Peptide APIs:

    A new technology is available with a set of new preloaded resins, which enable the synthesis of peptide amides WITHOUT ANY LINKER.
    Amino acid amides, which bear a functional side chain, are immobilized on acid sensitive resins. This makes process development, small scale synthesis, bulk production and in-process control very easy.

    Find more technical details in our application for demonstration purposes with BIVALIRUDIN.

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  3. New TentaGel XV (eXtended swelling Volume)

    Resin especially designed for the synthesis of long and difficult peptide sequences!

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