Workshop Innovations in Click Chemistry

Workshop Innovations in Click Chemistry

Published on 26/06/2023

You missed our workshop featuring Prof. Rob Liskamp (Cristal Therapeutics, University of Maastricht, University of Glasgow)? Any further questions? Please get in contact via



  • General Introduction (Dr. Karin Rustler; Project Manager; Iris Biotech)
  • Expert talk “Protein Semi-Synthesis to Study Posttranslational Modifications” (Prof. Christian F.W. Becker; University of Vienna)  
  • Q&A


Raimund Maier Dr. Raimund MaierChair
(COO at Iris Biotech)
Prof. Rob Liskamp Prof. Rob LiskampSpecial Guest
(Cristal Therapeutics, University of Maastricht, University of Glasgow)
Karin Rustler Dr. Karin RustlerInternal Speaker
(Head of Marketing and Sales at Iris Biotech)


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